Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

On Behalf of My Good Buddy, Clif

Clif is getting ready to run another of his annual Tcl/Tk conferences in the Rutgers area in New Jersey. He's looking for a suitable hotel for a conference of 50-100 people. This sounds a lot like a filkcon to me. :)

Anyone able to help him out? Here's what he had to say elsewhere:

Next year's Tcl/Tk Conference will be held in central New Jersey, near Rutgers.

The guy who volunteered has worked the conference with me for a couple of years, but this is is first try and finding a hotel, and he needs some help.

He's got the list from the Chamber of Commerce, but my experience is that for a small techie (or SF) con, the hotels that put themselves on that list tend to be the bigger and more expensive ones.

Do we have any contacts in that area that might be able to help him find the kind of place where we'd put a relaxacon, rather than a WindyCon?
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