Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Precious Bodily Fluids

jeff_duntemann and Carol dropped by again this evening to bring some supplies for tomorrow's christening, the gift of a Diaper Genie (which seems like a really good idea!), and to spend some more time bonding with their new niece. I have on my digital camera a wonderful picture of Jeff with Katie happily sleeping on his lap. She was an incredibly warm baby which is good, given that our house is frequently a bit cool.

It was only when Jeff handed her off that he discovered that she was an incredibly wet baby with a leaky diaper. Oops! daisy_knotwise attributed this to too much time between changes, so she changed her, changed her sleeper, and Jeff headed off to the bathroom to mop up as best he could.

After they left, Gretchen and I returned to decorating the Christmas tree. I was holding Katie while Gretchen put the unbreakable ornaments on the low branches when suddenly I felt something wet on my knee. Leaky diaper again! In fact, pretty much completely useless diaper, because this was obviously the direct result of the current action.

Last weekend, I'd gone to Sam's Club to pick up a big package of diapers at Gretchen's command. We'd been using Huggies, but Sam's didn't have Huggies in the right size, only Pampers. So I got about 200 of those. Which apparently leak. Oh, boy. Or girl. Or something like that.

We had planned to go to Culver's for dessert, so after I changed my pants and underwear and Gretchen changed Katie, we headed out with plans to stop at the Jewel and grab more Huggies, because Katie's been sleeping with us and I'm fond of a dry bed. But as we headed back to the car after custard, Gretchen said, "Wait! Those weren't the Pampers. The diapers that leaked were the Wal-Mart house brand that I had downstairs."

"Both times?"


"Let's not use those any more, ok?"

At least I don't have nearly 200 likely leaky diapers to deal with.
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