Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Surprise, surprise

I got to Wrigley Field early last night for the Cubs-Astros game. They handed me a scratch-off card with Rick Sutcliffe's picture on it as I entered, meaning they were doing another of the random giveaways that they started last season. After dinner, I scratched off the circle and found out I'd won a baseball autographed by Rick Sutcliffe, which is pretty cool, since he was one of my favorite Cub pitchers of the 1980s.

It must have been around 1987, because I think that's when Dawson signed with the Cubs. He wanted badly to play for the Cubs; Sutcliffe had even offered to defer salary if that would make it possible for the Cubs to sign him. The Cubs were playing the Padres when Eric Show, a slightly above-average pitcher who was mostly notable for being a member of the John Birch Society, beaned Andre Dawson and knocked him unconscious.

Dawson hit the ground and this giant, red-bearded Viking erupted out of the dugout with mayhem on his mind and a demeanor that translated to "You killed my outfielder!" A major fracas ensued with both dugouts emptying and ejections that included Sutcliffe, but not Show.

About the time that order was restored, Dawson woke up, realized that Show had beaned him, and charged the mound. The dugouts emptied again and more ejections followed, including -- as I recall -- Dawson and Show.

It was an entertaining day of baseball. And fortunately, Dawson wasn't badly injured.
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