Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Winding Up the Work Year

I've been recoding one of our features to separate the data from the rendering engine so that we can use the same data to drive both our rich client MFC application and our snazzy new Web front end. Like most recoding efforts, this can be an adventure at times.

I've spent about a day and a half now recoding the dialog that edits the data definitions that are merged with the underlying database to create the displayable dataset that drives the disparate front ends. I think the interface on the reworked dialog is easier to handle, but we'll see what everyone else says on Tuesday. I've almost got it all working now.

(The problem is that the snazzier and easier-to-use that you make the interface, the more back-end code you need to support it. So I'm overriding behaviors and coding handlers and all manner of annoying things that are required to make it work right.)

Once I get the editor done, I can then write the merging code to generate the dataset; then I can start writing the new client front end. Later.

At this point, I'm probably the last man standing (or sitting) in our Skokie office.

I think that's enough work for one year.
Tags: musings, work

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