Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Aches and Pains

Yesterday afternoon, the software development group of the former Alcar headed out to Gameworks in Schaumburg for lunch and assorted video games to celebrate shipping the 3.0 version of the freshly rebranded Hyperion Strategic Finance. It turns out that I have trouble with most of the driving games, because I have a slight tendency to motion sickness when what my eyes see doesn't match what my inner ear reports. (I can't play Doom or Quake for the same reason.)

So I played pinball. Unhappily, only two of the seven machines actually worked properly. Pinball gets no respect nowadays.

And I tossed the football and basketball. And I played air hockey.

All this produces a lot of sore muscles in the arms that you don't get from video games.

I also ate way too much lunch.

So there I was last night, skipping dinner, full stomach, muscles aching, going down to the basement to record. It took us just over two hours to retrack the four vocal lines (including punch-ins to fix glitches). Then we headed over to Baskin-Robbins for dessert, arriving five minutes before closing.

We were civilized though. We ordered to go.

(Andy Rooney mode on: Have you ever noticed that when your body hurts, you become too stupid to actually take aspirin? Why is that?)

Fortunately, Gretchen brought me aspirin when she went back upstairs to turn off the ringer on the phone that's directly over the recording booth. The sound isolation is pretty good, but that phone cuts right through.
Tags: filk, musings, work

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