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Bill Roper's Journal
27th-Jan-2007 07:46 pm
I headed down into the basement this morning and started remixing tracks for catalana's and my albums. Since I'm able to handle stairs with the crutch and can keep the bad knee stretched out, it's not too bad.

Given the full set of notes from catalana and the various truck tests, I was able to quickly adjust everything to what I'm sure will be everyone's satisfaction. Thank God for automation!

Now, I just need to test the mixes out. Of course, listening to them from the back seat of the van will be a little odd, but you've just got to learn to adapt!
28th-Jan-2007 04:18 am (UTC)
And hopefully I now have all the vocals in Here to You again...*grin*

I'm amazed that the mixing went that easily! Yay for automation! (But I really would have forgiven you if your knee had kept you from doing it, you know. *hug*)
28th-Jan-2007 04:55 am (UTC)
Sadly, it would have been amazing if the mixing had gone nearly that well. Unfortunately, it's rabbit hole day and the major thing that happened was that I spent two hours determining that I'm absolutely, positively going to have to retrack the opening and closing guitar segments on Look At Me, because there's nothing I can do to control the string noise.

Tomorrow, however, is another day and I hope to make good progress. *sigh*
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