Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Not Yet a Sacred Tradition

This is now a tradition, because in fandom it only takes twice to make a tradition, as opposed to a sacred tradition, which requires a third time around. daisy_knotwise left me with Katie while she went off to deal with various Capricon-related issues. Eventually, she woke up and wanted her bottle, but that didn't seem to make her entirely happy, so I lifted her out of her stroller and set her on my belly and played with her for a few minutes.

And when I put her back in her stroller, I discovered that my shirt was now wet and not with baby spit.

I think this diaper was poopier than the last one. I know I used more wipes. *sigh* At least my knee is in better shape now than it was then.

And in other knee-related news, my HR department is working on my health insurance problem. We'll see what develops.
Tags: cons, kids, knee, musings

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