Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Capricon Away!

With help from whl who hauled the boxes here in his van, catalana and I got the dealer table set up. (I pointed, she placed.) Then I headed off for Opening Ceremonies, where I joined daddy_guido for a short bit with Benelux and Professor Williams as performed by the SpaceTime Theater All Gimp Squad, as he seems to have bunged his right knee -- painfully, but with luck just a sprain. Then daisy_knotwise and cary_lee took over and we retreated to the audience, save for Guido's return to explain the wonders of the new water park.

After the dealer room closed, we grabbed dinner and have headed off in all directions. :)

Of course, we still have whl's coat...
Tags: cons, musings

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