Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Fortunate Sun

I've been beating on this song for a while. I played a nearly complete version of it for quadrivium down at GAFilk, then spent a bit more time playing with it before pulling it out at Capricon.

I think it's done now.

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2007

Fortunate Sun

Last chance for survival,
Lookin’ for the fortunate suns.
Pray the plan’s not dead on arrival
Long before the battle’s begun.
Shining suns in position,
Quantum keys to conquer the fear.
Geometry creating the mission.
Infinity is waiting to hear.

Names of power, names to bind,
Names to make you lose your mind.
Names of things to chill your soul.
Names of terror we’ll control
When the battle’s lost or won
By the light of a fortunate sun.

Dark matter below us.
Dark horror within.
Terrors coming to know us,
Waiting for their time to begin.
Dark death without pity.
Death came with a name.
Death burned through our cities
In the cold of dark flame.

(Chorus to bridge and chorus)

Seven lone survivors of a world that’s gone to hell.
And of a billion, billion worlds, ours was the first that fell.
The nameless things that ruined us are now nameless things no more
And through the power of naming we have learned to slam the door.

In the probable places
Of the relative when,
Fortunate suns light the spaces
Giving us our last chance to win.
We can capture the dark power.
We can trigger the chain,
Destroying all the terrors in hours,
If we’re right about the power of the name.

(Chorus to coda)
When the battle’s lost or won
By the light of a fortunate sun.
Tags: lyrics, musings

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