Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Cabin Fever

daisy_knotwise correctly observed that I was suffering from a bad case of cabin fever, having spent most of the last three weeks either at home or at work. So I went out shopping this afternoon.

First, I hit Sam's Club, where I bought cleaning supplies and the next larger size of Huggies for Katie. Then it was off to Gand, which was having a 17% off whatever fits in the bag sale, where I grabbed a new headphone amp and a variety of cables and things. Finally, I went to Abt and bought a new combo DVD/VCR to replace the evil VCR upstairs that stubbornly refuses to wake up and record Scrubs.

I decided to install the new machine downstairs and eventually got the wiring sorted out. There's only one problem: it won't eject a tape unless you hold the door open. So tomorrow it goes back to the store.

Tags: home, musings

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