Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Album Developments

Today was the day for counting.

  • catalana uses a great many words in her songs. It turns out that there are so many words that they won't fit in an eight panel insert at any size larger than five point type. So we will not be putting the lyrics in the insert, but will instead post words and chords on the website.

  • This is a good excuse for getting some content up at, just as soon as I sort out the web hosting.

  • Using both my fingers and Katie's, I determined that if everything went really well in the duplication process, we could still have Hello, Stranger out for FilkOntario. Mind you, that hardly ever happens.

  • I have four minor bits of recording that I should do for my album today. If I finish those and spend the next few evenings in the studio, I should be able to finish the mix before my surgery.

  • Everyone is under too much stress right now. Count on it.

    As a result, I have consulted, conferred, and hobnobbed with my fellow wizards and have determined that we will release both albums at Marcon.

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