Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Walking Man

Ok, limping man on crutches would be more accurate, but I have been cleared for "limited weight bearing", which is a darned fine thing. The staples are out of my knee, so I should have much less annoyance in that area. The doc asked why I was spending all my time in bed, to which I replied, "Because I'm spending six hours a day on the CPM machine." He told me I don't need it any more. This is also a fine thing, especially because it means I don't need to haul it to FilkOntario with me. And the doc shortened the enormous brace on the bottom end, which also improves the situation there.

I am now happily ensconced in my recliner chair in the family room and will shortly be getting back to work. And tomorrow, I'm going to go into work for at least half a day to talk to the new boss, who will be in visiting.
Tags: knee, musings, work
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