Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Brief FilkOntario Report

daisy_knotwise, Katie, and I had a fine time at FilkOntario.

Katie enjoyed being the center of attention. The seemingly unanimous opinion was that she was very cute. She was happy to agree with this.

Gretchen and I were delighted to place second in the songwriting contest. I'll post the lyrics here soon, but they're on the other computer.

It was great fun seeing so many of our friends from England again. And the NMC sounded wonderful, as did the various bits and pieces of NMC, including Playing Rapunzel.

The concom kept everything running smoothly, despite the occasional glitch with the hotel. The Filk Hall of Fame inductees (Bruce Pelz, Keris, and Kathleen) were fine choices, all very deserving of the honor.

Then there was my knee. Fortunately, I was able to get along fairly well with my crutches. Judi Miller was good enough to take my guitar back up to the room on Friday night. After catalana arrived, we agreed that it might simplify life if we just shared a guitar, since the one I had brought was essentially identical to hers. It certainly made my life easier. :) And I even managed to participate in the Interfilk auction. As I told Mark, standing up every four pieces or so made my knee feel better than it would have if I just stayed sitting.

I don't think that there was anyone who wasn't delighted to hear that Tom and Sue will be getting married at next year's FKO. And since I'm the official Filk Waif, I know I'd better show up. (With an intact knee, if I have anything to say about it.)

The only real problem that the con had (that I saw) was that the Dead Dog has become so popular that it's really overflowed the space available. I don't know if it's possible to get more than one room for the Dead Dog or if that would be viewed by a lot of folks as a bad idea, but we had more people trying to get in edgewise than was entirely reasonable on Sunday night.

And, as I said at the beginning, we had a fine time!
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