Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Cubs Tickets Available

My blown knee is your opportunity to buy some tickets that I normally wouldn't let go.

These are my Cubs season tickets in Terrace Reserved, Aisle 218, Row 13, Seats 101-104. If you've sat in these seats before, you'll know that the view is just fine. You're looking right down the first base line from behind home plate.

Tickets are $22 each for regular dates; $32 for prime dates (marked with an asterisk). This is the price that I paid for these as season tickets, which is lower than the box office price for this year.

If you buy the tickets, they are for your use. If I wanted them scalped, I could do it myself. :)

Let me know if you're interested. Drop me an e-mail at roper at filker dot com.

I’ll have tickets for later dates available later, but I’m still sorting that out.

Mon. Apr. 91:20 PMHouston(4)*
Sat. Apr. 14 12:05 PMCincinnati(4)
Sun. Apr. 15 1:20 PMCincinnati(4)
Mon. Apr. 16 7:05 PMSan Diego(4)
Sat. Apr. 21 2:55 PMSt. Louis(4)*
Sun. Apr. 22 1:20 PMSt. Louis(4)*
Mon. Apr. 23 7:05 PMMilwaukee(4)
Tue. Apr. 24 7:05 PMMilwaukee(4)
Sat. May 512:05 PMWashington(4)
Sun. May 61:20 PMWashington(4)
Tue. May 87:05 PMPittsburgh(4)
Wed. May 97:05 PMPittsburgh(4)

Tags: baseball, cubs, musings

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