Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Once More With Feeling

I ended up working from home today because I didn't want to take my knee and crutches out in the slush and snow. Better part of valor and all that. Of course, the wireless network decided to misbehave, but it only took about an hour, one trip to the basement, and two trips upstairs to sort that out.

This evening, I went to the basement and cleaned up the mix on three more songs. I also installed printer drivers on the new computer so I could print out the timings of all the songs for catalana's album, which meant that I had them upstairs tonight to add to her insert. There's some chance that her insert is actually done, but we'll see how the proofing goes. :)

And in other news, my knee is starting to behave alarmingly like a real knee again as the swelling continues to ebb. It still looks like a citrus fruit, but we're down to a rather small lemon as opposed to the jumbo grapefruit that I started with.
Tags: filk, home, knee, musings, work

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