Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Nibbling Ducks

It's been one of those days. I installed Office 2007 from home last night on my work machine only to discover that:

  • I didn't need it yet.

  • The new version of Outlook required the old version of Outlook to be removed.

  • The new version of Outlook wouldn't initialize correctly.

  • Fortunately, when I got to work and ran the new version of Outlook from there, it ran correctly. I guess it just hated me for remoting in.

    Then I downloaded the latest set of changes to the source code to discover that one of our guys was downcasting again, which is a practice that I've been working hard to exterminate. We've promised to discuss that in the future.

    And the changes broke the build so that it is always convinced that several DLLs, including the one that I hold most dear to my heart, have to be relinked on every build. Oh, and the system will complain that they need to be rebuilt every time you want to start a debug run. Unfortunately, this probably means that I'll have to untangle this, because no one else will bother.

    And a proposed change to the way we do the build that I'm not entirely sure is a good idea and which we were supposed to discuss before it was implemented is starting to leak into the build process.

    And we found (by fortuitous accident) that the change that I made to serialization to fix a particular bug produces a GPF when a file using a certain feature is read in. Which meant that I needed to fix this in five separate code lines.

    And we wouldn't see this particular failure mode if I'd been allowed to do the project that I've been trying to get approved for about two years.

    And I finished the first round of coding for the feature that we want to demonstrate at my company's (last) trade show weekend after this one, except that I can't test it because the code that another group is working on that would call it is broken at the moment.

    So it's been a fairly irritating work day.

    On the other hand, once I got home, things were pretty much fine. :)
    Tags: musings, work

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