Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

This and That

I'd made plans to work from home today, because I had a doctor's appointment at noon. This turned out to be just as well, because I'm still having (unrelated) intestinal upset. I had a burger again for lunch, but dinner's going to be another round of soup and rolls. Better part of valor and all that...

Music and Lyrics was not -- as daisy_knotwise observed -- "Laugh out loud funny", but it was fun to watch. And Hugh Grant's character kept reminding me of unclechristo. I think it was the hair and eyes. The writers obviously had a lot of affection for 80s pop music and videos.

Tonight, we'll be watching How I Met Your Mother's season finale (which might be the series finale -- apparently, there's danger of cancellation due to low ratings), followed by the next to last episode of Heroes for the season.
Tags: home, movies, musings, tv, work
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