Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Heroes Finale Commentary and Spoilers

Let's start by saying that I found this to be a very solid episode. Then let's dive into the spoilers.

There were more apparent survivors than I'd expected. D.L., for starters. Of course, it doesn't hurt when the doc shows up and fixes you up where you've been gut shot.

Linderman appears to still be dead, which is what I'd expected. And Sylar appears to still be alive, despite Hiro's best efforts, but once Linderman showed up dead, Sylar was pretty much going to survive until next season. You can't kill off all the bad guys.

I was happy to see Nathan do the right thing at the end. I don't think Nathan's dead, but I do think that he's not feeling very well. Radiation poisoning that he picked up before dropping off Peter in the upper atmosphere and boogieing off to an undisclosed location, I'd imagine. It's a shame that the only healer in the group is, well, dead.

Mr. Bennet has acquired a first name. Peter's the only one who knows it and he's currently MIA, but I expect that he's not dead either. Peter may well spend a chunk of next season looking for someone to heal Nathan. Guilt. The boy's got guilt. You think Mama Petrelli raised him Catholic? With that surname, daisy_knotwise says "Good possibility."

What Bennet is going to be doing for a living is another good question. I'm not thinking that he's likely to stay on the payroll at Primatech Paper. At this point, I'm not sure who's going to be paying the payroll at Primatech, although Mama Petrelli is certainly a possibility there too. And I imagine that she's royally P.O.d with Nathan right now.

Parkman will survive, barring a contract problem. :) Nikki's looking good as are Suresh, Molly, and Micah.

Hiro has his own problems at the moment. But, hey! We finally got the long-promised solar eclipse.

And next season, we should find out what it means.
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