Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Dress Rehearsal

We had our final dress rehearsal for the Duckon show today. It went well, save for the fact that daddy_guido was unable to make it due to a conflict with a group meeting for his business school class. But we rehearsed around him and life was, in general, good.

After rehearsal, daisy_knotwise, Katie, Jerry, and I adjourned to Max & Erma's, where we found that we had a server who was having, well, a bad day. He was making a lot of mistakes, not just at our table, but at the neighboring table, which was much less charitable than we were. On the other hand, he did take the value of my delayed meal off the bill (he'd put in for the wrong size of burger) and we did eventually get the chocolate chip cookies that he'd forgotten to put in, which was just as well, since I'd still have been eating the delayed burger if the cookies had shown up on time.

The moral of our story is, "Son, if you're having a bad day, consider writing down the orders instead of trying to remember them. Not writing them down and messing them up isn't going to impress anyone."
Tags: cons, musings, spacetime

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