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Duckon Report

Things went well at Duckon. We had a couple of minor glitches getting ready for the SpaceTime Theater show on Friday night, but we had a great audience and got a lot of laughs. I was trying to get the show to fit in an hour -- we actually ran about 1:11 according to the tape. Pretty close. spiritdance was good enough to sit for Katie during the show, which made things much more possible.

I'd spent about five hours standing and running around by the time the show was over, so my legs were pretty shot when we got back from our late dinner. I headed off to the filk, sang one song (Beyond the Sky), sat around for a while, and realized that I just wasn't comfortable sitting there, so I headed off to bed a little bit early.

Our room was supposed to be a king non-smoking. It looked more like a queen non-smoking -- if that bed was a king, then I'm Czar Nicholas or something like that. So the bed was a bit crowded, but we managed ok. daisy_knotwise may disagree...

Also, for some reason, there were two halves of the rind of a kiwi fruit lying on the floor when I picked up the room. I picked up the kiwi fruit and tossed it, vaguely thankful it wasn't something worse, which had been my first thought, since the green part was facing down.

The bathtub was also an adventure. It looked like it might have once been a whirlpool, as there was a built-up wide ceramic ledge around the edge that made getting in and out with my bad knee more of an adventure than it should have been. Also, the shower head was at what I consider Munchkin height. *sigh* But I kvetch... :)

The con, on the other hand, was just fine. I had a good time talking to folks over the dealer table, Katie was suitably charming, and sales were good. Of course, we had a boatload of new CDs and there's nothing like new product to drive sales. Gretchen tells me that other dealers were saying sales were slow, which is possible, but attendance apparently was up by about a hundred members this year, which isn't too shabby.

janmagic came by and spent some time on Saturday afternoon working on my bad leg. It certainly helped loosen it up, which it badly needed by then.

We ended up with six auctioneers for the art auction on Saturday night: me, daddy_guido, rmjwell, Dr. Bob, Murray Porath, and Mike Cole, who was the Artist Guest of Honor. dek9 volunteered as a runner and did a fine job, along with the rest of the runner corps.

Unfortunately, the auction started about 20-25 minutes late. I think there was a small paperwork problem that they were sorting out. And we had a mountain of charity items, some of which were very nice, some of which probably should have been sold on bid sheets (unless they managed to attract three or more bids).

For example: book autographed by Author Guest of Honor is good. Obscure trade paperback autographed by no one, not so good.

It's bad, not because we're raising money for charity, but because we're not raising much money for charity with the less desirable items and we're sucking energy out of the art auction. It's painful when you're flogging a no-bid item to try to get somebody to bid something so that you can make it go away. This is something we've been over at WindyCon and Capricon as well, so I suspect we'll get it sorted out soon.

After the art auction, I went to the filk. I actually stuck my head into the smaller filk room and let them know that the auction room was now available and about 80% of the filk moved over there -- enough that, by the time I got back with my guitar (which Bonnie J. thoughtfully carried for me), I had trouble finding a place to sit. Kindly, exapno offered me a chair one row off the main circle, which I was happy to accept. I sang two songs before crashing out for the night, Crosstime Bus (which Gretchen had asked to hear earlier in the day) and Wings.

It was funny, though. Gretchen and I had speculated that Katie would find herself crawling on the carpet at the hotel (as opposed to the hardwood floors at home) and we were pretty much correct. She was getting around much better, enough so that Gretchen put her in pants for Sunday to save her knees from rug burn.

Gretchen had taken Katie to the room to decompress during the art auction and had been waiting on a couch downstairs as the auction ended. Katie was quite happy to see me, so I held her for a few minutes before going to get my guitar and set up in the circle. Later, I ducked out to grab a soda and pick up snacks for Gretchen. As I walked back into the filk room, Katie started making a beeline across the carpet, heading for Daddy as fast as she could creep/crawl.

It was awfully flattering. So I picked her up and held her for a bit before going back to my seat. :)

Sunday we got up early and cleared out of the room before heading back to the dealer table. Things were pretty calm. After we closed, first Dawn and later Guido came by to help us pack out, which we greatly appreciated. Then we decided that exhaustion was the better part of valor and headed home to collapse and watch the Cubs game.

Which also contained the word "collapse", I suppose, but that would be a completely different story and certainly less fun than Duckon was.
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