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Bill Roper's Journal
Father's Day 
17th-Jun-2007 09:28 pm
It was a long and interesting first Father's Day. daisy_knotwise was helping out (massively) with setup for Picnicon -- John was going to show up later in the afternoon for teardown, so we didn't have to be there all day. We had about 30 people show up and I think most everyone had a good time. Katie was suitably charming. After a while, Gretchen retreated with Katie to a spot underneath a nearby shade tree where she spread out a blanket and let Katie crawl around. Katie was fine with the blanket, but completely unconvinced that grass was a good thing.

We were also in the middle of an alien invasion -- or, at least, it sounded like one! The 17 year cicadas are back this year and were chirping up a storm in a way that reminded many of us of the sound effects in bad 1950s B-movies. Isn't that a flying saucer landing? Fortunately, the cicadas aren't interested in people, just in finding something cicadas can eat and making more cicadas for the next 17 year cycle.

Steve Salaba came in from Kalamazoo and showed off his new 1952 Dodge. Cool! No pictures here, unfortunately.

We headed home about 3 PM. John came by about 7 and we split up the overage of picnic supplies. Then Gretchen, Katie, and I went over to Sweet Baby Ray's for salads (having had enough grilled meat earlier in the day) and dessert. Katie spent time charming the waitresses, although she did manage to spill most of Gretchen's glass of iced tea. Oops!

Well, no system is perfect. :)
18th-Jun-2007 03:15 am (UTC)
1) Sorry I missed the picnic

2) Cicadas - well, adult cicadas, anyway - don't eat. Well, they SUCK (yeah, yeah, but really, I mean) - they have a straw like mouth, but not, you know, a MOUTH.

"The cicada's mouth parts are covered by a long thin sheath called a labium. The labium contains four needle-like stylets which are used to pierce the plant and then act as straws that the cicada used to suck the sap from the plant. If you are into cicadas and want to learn more, Cicada Mania is the place for you!"
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