Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Lift That Barge

The doctor who put my knee back together was rather insistent at the last office visit that I desperately need to go lift some weights with my legs to stabilize the grafts. "A big guy like you ought to be able to leg press 200 pounds." Ok. The week and a half immediately after the visit was a little too chaotic to manage this, but daisy_knotwise did some checking and discovered that the recreation center near our house has a fitness center.

Yesterday, I walked over (ok, pretty much limped the half mile, because my hip still isn't quite up to snuff) and signed up.

And I leg pressed 190 pounds on my first visit there. I probably could have done 200, but let's not push our luck. :)

The hip actually feels a good bit better today, having stretched it out, although the left hamstring is a bit tight, so I'll wait until tomorrow to try that again.
Tags: home, knee, musings

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