Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

bedlamhouse and ladyat should arrive here shortly from Danville. I've already been over to the gym where I leg pressed 210, 230, and 240 pounds in successive sets. (And I'm thinking 240 is getting close to my current limit.)

When they get here, we'll grab Katie and go to lunch. Then we'll drop Katie off with our neighbor's daughter, who will be taking her for an extended babysitting run for the first time (and we're wondering how Katie will take to that), and the four adults will head off to Wrigley Field where the Cubs will take a seven game winning streak into today's game with the division-leading Brewers.

If they lose, we're going to have to blame Sutton... :)
Tags: baseball, cubs, home, kids, knee, musings

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