Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Down In the Basement

Having cleaned up after the late Bilbo in the basement, daisy_knotwise and I set out to start installing carpet tiles in the basement section underneath our dining room.

Earlier in the day, we'd found some nice wire-rack shelves at Menard's that will fit nicely on either side of the escape window and that will replace the shelves that were hit with the Bilbo leak from the furnace vent. The salvageable shelves will be repurposed somewhere else.

Now Gretchen still has an easier time getting up and down from the floor than I do -- bad knee and hip at the moment, you know -- so she got to do the work with the tile (salvaged from abandoned sections of our offices at work) and mastic (acquired from Home Depot which had no suitable shelves) while I handled the baby wrangling. Gretchen was able to lay about five courses of tile before we got to the unmoved shelves on the far side of the escape window.

"Go," I said, "and take care of Katie while I restack and sort the carpet tiles in front of these shelves". Gretchen and Katie retreated to the pool room as I stood up from the office chair that I'd been sitting in.

Well, not quite. The base of the chair had become wobbly and proceeded to slide out from under me, dropping me a foot and a half onto the basement floor, right onto the aforementioned bad hip. I said a bad word. Or two. Or three.

Gretchen put Katie down. I rolled onto my good hip and took her hand to get up. No major damage done, save to my pride and a bit of residual soreness. (I must remember to take some aspirin.)

I then moved about nine linear feet of heavy office-grade carpet tile, sorting them into stacks by color. "We should use the magenta tile in the hallway -- it's the short stack," I announced. "In the meantime, I'm going to empty those shelves so we can move them and get to the rest of the room."

"You're nuts."

"Yeah, but it'll get us a lot further along."

So I emptied the contents of the shelves -- mostly not too heavy -- off to the pool room and moved the shelves onto the freshly carpeted area. I then resumed Katie-wrangling while Gretchen carpeted most of the rest of the floor. (We still need to move the cabinets with the tapes and microphones. That can come later.)

The final score: about 100 square feet of carpet tiles laid, one cranky little girl, one tired Gretchen, and one slightly sore Bill.

Overall, not too bad.

I think, however, that the traitor office chair is going out in this week's trash. I'm not fond of wobbly chairs for some reason...
Tags: home, kids, musings

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