Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Yeah, Just a Little Distracted

Most of you have already read this post from daisy_knotwise and thus understand how we've both been a bit distracted lately. To give you the capsule version here:

Gretchen's been diagnosed with endometrial cancer. The oncologist tells us there's a 90-95% chance of survival, which is not as good as not having cancer, but far better than many of the alternatives. It will require major abdominal surgery to remove the uterus and ovaries, but -- as Dr. Bob so trenchantly put it -- it's not like she's was using them. The surgery's scheduled for August 6th.

She won't be allowed to lift anything heavy for four weeks or so. Heavy includes Katie, which is likely to frustrate her greatly. Both "hers", actually. But fortunately, jeff_duntemann and Carol, and later sueposter, sexybass, and decadentdave will be along to help out, which means that I'll be able to avoid a substantial block of time off from work, which is helpful as that's about the time that we're going to be moving to our new office, finishing up releases and all that. The latter group may even get some recording done. :)

In the mixed blessings department, it was while sitting in the oncologist's waiting room that the nurse there told me that I had cellulitis and should proceed immediately to see Dr. Bob. I'd like to think I would have figured that out within the next two hours, but, you know, sometimes we're just stupid about our own health.

The whole thing is scary, of course. At least, it hasn't yet advanced to being terrifying.

And I'm hoping to keep it that way.
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