Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Boxing Harry Day

That would be the day after Harry Potter Day, right? Anyway, today I:

  • Put a diaper on Katie -- backwards! -- while daisy_knotwise was catching some extra shuteye

  • Fielded Katie while Gretchen stuffed another 100+ copies of Falling Toward Orion so we can actually ship things

  • Carried the stuffed CDs (mine and catalana's) back to the basement and shelved them, along with the remaining printed materials

  • Ran over and took 48 pictures of a condo that jeff_duntemann and his lovely wife, Carol, are thinking about making an offer on

  • Bought groceries

  • Discussed Deathly Hallows with Sam and Clif in assorted phone calls

  • Uploaded the pictures so Jeff and Carol could actually see them

  • Grilled hamburgers for a charming dinner with dek9 and her kids who came up to visit

  • Read the Sunday paper

    Tomorrow, I'm working on taxes.
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