Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
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Run and Run and Run

This morning, I headed out to the surgeon's office for my latest follow up appointment. He looked a bit distressed about the cellulitis which, he said, was not likely the result of the surgery. I also called my sore hip to his attention, as it had been sore since after Marcon. He said that I walked like I had an arthritic hip and sent me across the hall for X-rays. One position involved twisting the left leg into a "frog-leg" position.

Voila! Hip pain goes away. (It's back a bit now after much abuse today, but I'll be trying the frog-leg position again shortly.) And the X-rays show that my hip is fine. :)

I picked up daisy_knotwise and Katie. We grabbed lunch and headed down to Dr. Bob's office for my follow up on the cellulitis, where Bob said it was so a result of the surgery. Apparently I had a seroma as a result of the surgery which became infected, was keeping the leg excited with secondary infections, and which eventually ran wild and ruptured, at least in Bob's opinion.

I rather trust Bob's opinion. :)

After that, we headed up to the River Road Blue Line station and took the El that I don't want to be taking to work down to the Loop to meet with our attorney and go over some paperwork. That appointment was at 4 PM, so by the time we finished and got on the train (with Katie in stroller) it was rush hour.

Oh, joy.

But we got home fine, grabbed some dinner at Red Robin, watched the Cubs beat the Cards (drat!), and entertained Katie while Gretchen got asymptotically close to the end of Deathly Hallows.

Once Katie goes to sleep, she'll be finishing it.
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