Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Wild and Crazy Weekend

The mob got some lunch at Portillo's (where we introduced decadentdave to Italian beef). Then it was back to the house to transfer some songs from cassette to MP3 for the Pegasus website. After that, catalana drove her new car away in the rain while sexybass and I retired to the basement so I could check him out on the d8b and associated gear.

Because Tom has Cubase available at home, we finally decided that it would be worth trying to set up and record the Dandelion Wine material in Cubase on this end, despite the fact that I've never actually done this before from scratch. (I recorded a few tracks of tarkrai for katyhh and shannachie's last project, but that's a different matter altogether.)

Of course, it turned out that I hadn't yet installed the drivers for the MIDI patchbay on the system. And once I did that, I was having trouble getting the d8b's transport to send MMC to Cubase.

So I pulled out the Frontier Designs Tranzport remote and used it instead. :) Nyah!

I've now got a 24 track recorder template set up and correctly linked to the I/O on the Hammerfall card in the computer so that the d8b can send and receive Cubase data. This should be entirely like working with the ADATs, except that the recording will be on hard disk instead of tape.

We'll see how well this works tomorrow when I'm in the office. :)
Tags: filk, home, musings, tech

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