Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

That Was the Week That Was

And thus ends the first week in the new office. I didn't have much trouble getting there this morning, which wouldn't have been true of the Skokie office, since it's on the other side of the Des Plaines River which had blocked several of the east/west roads I'd normally use.

My new Dell flat-screen monitor arrived, so I wired it in to replace the CRT, which will come home as a spare. ClearCase is still not behaving well in the remote environment, but I found a couple of papers on the IBM website that may help sort this out.

A lot of south Des Plaines still has no power, including two restaurants we tried to grab dinner at. We ended up at the Chinese buffet which seemed to satisfy everyone. Then sexybass and I dropped decadentdave at O'Hare for his return trip to Winnipeg. Since we haven't heard from him yet, I'm going to assume that his flight took off. :) (Delayed, but departed.)
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