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Bill Roper

Secret Plots: We Shoot! We Score!

If you didn't read about this before, it's because the previous posts (here and here) were filtered. But now all things (well, most things) can be told.

decadentdave has spent some time coping with screen-reading software that had become increasingly antique. A number of us got together and have collected funds (facilitated by minnehaha K) to buy Dave some newer screen-reading software that can actually cope with modern hardware and software. I picked up the 60-day evaluation copy of Window-Eyes and loaded it onto our former studio computer (which is a dual-processor Athlon running Windows XP Pro) when it arrived, about two days after Dave arrived here.

Dave was suitably surprised and happy. It took a while working through the manual, but before he left to return to Winnipeg, he was happily reading LJ, which had become very difficult with the old software. He never quite got around to posting to LJ and since he's now off to Germany for a bit, I thought that it might be time to update you with the results. :)

I'm getting the full version of the software in the next week or so, which I'll then load onto the computer. Dave is going to try to see if he can make arrangements with Erin to bring the computer north; if that doesn't work out, we'll figure out an alternate plan. Since Dave will be in Europe until late October, there's no great rush.

I'm not yet sure exactly how much money we've raised (I need to get a final accounting from Karen, who's been rather busily on vacation herself :) ), nor do I yet have a list of all the contributors to forward on to Dave, but I expect I'll have that soon. I am fairly sure we've arrived within shouting distance of the required total.

But thanks to everyone who participated (and to artbeco and ohiblather who apparently hatched a similar scheme a year or so ago, but got talked out of it by Dave at the time).

He seems to be very happy with it. :)

Update: Karen's checked in and it looks like we've got enough to get the software and the maintenance agreement, although I'll be calling them on Tuesday to find out exactly what that covers.

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