Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Somewhere, Under the Bandage

Well, the hospital may have thought my surgery was being moved up from 4 PM to Noon, but after I got there at 11 AM, they put in the IV and I sat. And sat. And sat. As did daisy_knotwise and Katie in the waiting room, since she wasn't allowed to bring Katie back. About 2 PM I asked if someone could go tell her that I hadn't gone in yet.

At 3 PM or thereabouts (no watch, of course. No glasses either.), they took me off to surgery where they removed a staple, a metal screw and washer, and two plastic screws from my knee and debrided a lot of infected tissue. How much exactly, I don't know yet, as the leg is well wrapped in an elastic bandage. But I see blood oozing out through the bandage, so I'd say there's a lot of open wound down there.

I'll know more in the morning when I go in to the doctor's office to have the dressing changed. Dr. Bob's asked me to have the surgeon call him while I'm there so he can discuss the course of future treatment. We'll see how that goes.

After I got out of the hospital a bit after 6 PM, we went up to Gulliver's for dinner where I dutifully popped the bad leg up on a chair. Now I'm home in the recliner chair.

And soon, I'm going to go get some sleep.
Tags: knee, musings

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