Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Good Leg. Sit. Stay.

The repaired leg bled pretty extensively during the rest of the evening and night, although not much got out of the bandages, just a little bit when I was putting on my shoe in the morning really. daisy_knotwise drove me to the doc with Katie in tow, as I'm supposed to wait at least 24 hours after anesthesia before driving. (Not that I didn't feel fine.)

The leg felt pretty good when I got out of bed. Less good as it spent more time down. When the nurse unwrapped it at the doc's, the bandages were pretty much a sodden mess. The surgeon decided to leave the wound open and let it heal naturally to help make sure that we didn't trap infection in there, which does indeed seem reasonable -- just bloody. And other than the really deep hole (like down to the bone), it really does look much better than it did yesterday. He removed and stitched up various infected areas and the rest of the leg is pretty much a normal color.

(I'm hoping this isn't just from blood loss. :) )

However, the consensus was that Gretchen, Katie, and I could very carefully travel to Texas. And that I should keep my leg up as much as possible, which means that we're going to have to move Katie's car seat to the other side so I can put my leg on the center console. That wouldn't be so bad if the seat were easier to install properly.

Katie is currently napping, Gretchen is picking up my new prescription for Cipro, more bandages, and food for fuzzbucket_cat. Me? I'm looking up motel rooms in Marion, Illinois, because I'm fairly sure that's as far as we're going tonight. :)
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