Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

On the Road Again

Well, we didn't forget a lot of things on the way out of the house. (So far, a book and paper towels. We'll see what else materializes -- or fails to!)

We got out around 6 PM, much later than planned, but that's the way the day was. We met catalana for a late dinner in CU, then headed on down to Marion, Illinois, arriving a bit after 1 AM.

The leg spent the trip propped up on the center console, which worked pretty well. It's a bit red this morning, but not bad. I'm going to change the dressing shortly and see how it looks.

And I thought my doctor had given me more Cipro, but Walgreen's gave me something else that they're claiming is what he wrote on the prescription pad, so I'm making phone calls.
Tags: knee, musings, trip

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