Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Welcome to Texas

Despite a really big accident on I-635 (six cars, all lanes but one blocked by the police), we arrived at our motel at about 1:00 AM. Unfortunately, Katie had slept long enough in the car and spent enough time in the car seat that she spent the next several hours playing free-range baby and refused to go to sleep before 4:00 AM. As a result, we're a bit tired. :)

Later today, we will probably go see my nephew's high school football team (number one in the nation!) play the number two high school football team in the nation at SMU. Apparently, this has never happened before...

Oh, and the knee seems to be holding up ok, although I'll know more when I change the dressing. But daisy_knotwise is giving Katie a bath right now so she's clean and fresh when she meets the rest of the family.
Tags: kids, knee, musings


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