Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Ooh, Barbecue

Mitch and Debbie have been taking good care of us while we're down here in DFW. We've certainly been well fed. After the football game, we headed off to TGI Friday (largely since it was open that late); on Sunday, they grilled steaks; on Monday, we had Mexican.

Today for lunch, daisy_knotwise and I tracked down the Spring Creek Barbecue restaurant that I'd seen on the frontage road. It turned out to be cafeteria style service with excellent brisket and wonderful fresh rolls. This worked nicely for us.

After that, we went by the Target to pick up items that we couldn't find at Wal-Mart the previous day. (How do you run out of hydrogen peroxide?) Then we headed back to Mitch and Debbie's where we borrowed the washing machines so that we'd have enough clothes to get home.

When Mitch got back, he suggested barbecue for dinner. When Debbie pointed out that we'd had barbecue for lunch, Gretchen said that I'd not find that to be a problem. I didn't.

Mitch brought back a ton of food from The Feed Store including brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and hot links with potato salad, green beans, cole slaw, and rolls. Burp.

Oh, and also peach and blackberry cobbler.

That should hold us for a while.
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