Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

La Quinta Lobby Follies

We're currently parked in the lobby of the La Quinta waiting for the maids to make up the room on our last day here. Earlier, we grabbed lunch at Chuck's Hamburgers, having filled up pretty well on barbecue yesterday. Katie put away most of the applesauce included with the kids meal, along with some fraction of the hot dog and french fries.

Now, she's wandering the lobby, looking for people to flirt with. So far, this has involved two trips to the counter to retrieve her. Next time, it will be my turn again...

We're also wondering when she's going to throw her keys into the fountain in the middle of the lobby. The good news is that she's not yet capable of climbing in there herself. :)
Tags: kids, musings, trip

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