Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Minor Annoyances

ClearCase continues to be the gift that keeps on giving here at work. There was a file I thought I had checked in before I left on vacation. It didn't check in. As a result, the background check-in code that I wrote didn't work, people commented out chunks of it, dogs and cats were sleeping together, and huge stones fell from the sky.

I've now added the one missing line of code to the non-checked-in file and have restored the commented out code. It appears that ClearCase took the change this time.

Last night, I skipped redressing my leg before going to bed. When I went to look at it this morning, the hole was much deeper than I remembered it being, no doubt due to the huge mass of clot that the surgeon cleaned out yesterday. Although I'm told it's healing, seeing a deeper hole is just frustrating when you'd really like there to be no hole. I'll just keep working on it, I guess.

In happier news, the weather is gorgeous and I'm heading home for dinner with my lovely wife, my amazingly cute daughter, and my brother and sister in law who just bought their condo in Des Plaines so they can spend more time with their new niece.

So I think I can cope with the minor annoyances. :)

(This does mean that we're blowing off tonight's Capricon meeting, for which I must apologize to Leane at some point...)
Tags: home, knee, musings, work

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