Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Wait Till Next Year

The rest of SpaceTime was good enough to come by for a 10 AM rehearsal so that daisy_knotwise and I could catch game 3 of the NLDS down at Wrigley Field. We dropped Katie off with Jennefer and headed off to the ballpark where we saw the Cubs strand nine baserunners, hit into four double plays, and score a single run.

Sadly, Rich Hill didn't pitch a shutout. In fact, he gave up a homer on the first pitch of the ballgame. The Cubs eventually lost to the Diamondbacks, 5-1, eliminating them from the postseason.

This wasn't a great surprise -- except maybe to the national pundits who'd picked the Cubs to win the series. But the Diamondbacks were a better club than they thought.

The Cubs, not so much. They had a pretty good season, but remain a seriously flawed team.

We'll see what the new owner -- whoever it is! -- can do next year.
Tags: baseball, cubs, musings
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