Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Naked Baby! (No Greg)

So daisy_knotwise was running a bit tired as Katie was teething and managed to bruise her lip while running around yesterday, which meant that she wasn't sleeping well until the baby Motrin in her bottle eventually kicked in over an hour after she'd awakened Gretchen. Even the changeover from Daylight Savings Time wasn't going to help, as Katie isn't so big on clocks yet. "See, dear, it's only 8 AM. Go back to sleep." Not happening.

Gretchen wanted a nap and I agreed that I'd watch Katie. Of course, watching Katie is one of those Olympic sports. There's the flying chair push, the standing bottle throw, the bandaged knee climb...

Eventually, I decided to work on reducing the four boxes of extremely obsolete software that we found in the basement to the point where the recyclers would take it. This involves pulling the floppies -- no CDs here! -- and then flattening the boxes. This isn't hard, but it's tedious.

And as I was standing at the dining room table, shredding paper, Katie wandered in chewing on a diaper. Ok, maybe she got a clean diaper from the cabinet. Ack! Nope, dirty diaper. Bad mommy, I think, leaving the diaper out where Katie could get at it. I toss the soggy thing in the trash.

A few moments later, I hear Katie heading up the stairs, having circumvented the gate. I head over after her to get her before she can get upstairs and awaken Gretchen. And Katie's already at the first landing.

"Katie, come here." And then I look again and realize that Katie's not wearing anything at all on her bottom.

Well, now I know where the soggy diaper came from.
Tags: kids, musings
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