Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Yet Another New Cellphone

Part of yesterday's entertainment was waiting an interminable amount of time in the Sprint PCS store to exchange my new cellphone for a different model. My previous phone was a Samsung and after a few days of using the new Sanyo phone, I realized that I liked the Samsung form factor a bit better. Also, the Sanyo just felt really cheap.

Now I have a brand-new Samsung M510 that can double as an MP3 player. Of course, when it's busy playing MP3s, it won't actually pick up calls, which is a bit of a minus. But I have confirmed that I can get it to play an MP3, by the simple expedient of loading the only MP3 that I had handy on there.

Mich and Marilisa's "Go Home". :)
Tags: filk, musings, tech

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