Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Careening Toward WindyCon

It's now Wednesday night and the number of things that I need to accomplish before WindyCon seems to keep growing.

Tomorrow morning before work, I run over and sign us up for the new smaller storage locker so that the Logistics folks have some place to put the pallets that aren't coming with them to the con. Then off to work, returning home and thence to the hotel for the WindyCon Thursday night committee dinner with our sound system in tow. Can't stay late there, as I need to head home, put out the garbage and recycling -- which is substantial this week due to the basement work -- followed by packing the van so it's ready to go.

Friday morning, I throw my suitcase in the van and head off to work again. I'll meet daisy_knotwise and Katie at the hotel, unpack the table, and head off for the rehearsal for ladyat's operetta.

Which I'd better practice for tonight. :)
Tags: cons, musings, windycon

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