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Television Interruptus

So on Friday, I picked up the Frys ad and saw that the big-screen TV that I've been lusting after for more than a year now was on sale. That's fine, it goes on sale about once every three weeks or so.

Except this time it was on sale for $200 less than it's ever been priced before. Oh, dear.

I discuss the situation briefly with daisy_knotwise and she agrees that I can buy the TV. The problem is that with the tendinitis in her wrists, she's not really able to lift that much TV, not to mention shuffle the other TVs and furniture that are going to need to be moved as the result of the purchase.

So I call my good buddy Sam to see if he's available to move the new TV should I acquire it. It turned out that he was going out with Bonnie to see Christmas in Connecticut on Friday night, but he'd be happy to come help move a new TV and assorted furniture and adjunct TVs on Saturday. Yay!

After decorating the Christmas tree until 2:30 AM or thereabouts, Gretchen and I crawled out of bed bright and late at 10:30 AM the following morning. I called Sam to set up the plan for the day.

Unfortunately, Plan S was DOA. Sam had wrenched his shoulder going to the movie.

Now, being an inquisitive sort, you might ask yourself just how Sam wrenched his shoulder going to the movie. I certainly did and since I was talking to Sam, who actually had the answer, I posed the question to him.

The film was showing at a small art theater that doesn't have its own parking and the city lot nearby was full. Sam dropped Bonnie off and went cruising for a parking space, finding one a few blocks away. Congratulating himself, he stepped out of the driver's door of the car.

And onto the only patch of ice in a two block radius. The first thing that Sam thought was "This is how Bill destroyed his knee." He grabbed hold of the doorframe and managed to avoid a catastrophic fall, congratulating himself on remaining upright, and headed off toward the theater.

Upon arriving at the theater, he noticed that his shoulder hurt a fair amount and that he maybe should leave his jacket on to help keep it warm.

By the time they left the theater after the movie, it was apparent that he'd wrenched the shoulder pretty badly and wasn't going to be lifting anything heavy for a while. He sent me an e-mail to that effect in the morning, which I hadn't yet read, since I'd been busy being asleep.

So I thanked Sam, wished him good luck with his shoulder, recommended aspirin, and moved on to plan B.

Plan B (for beamjockey) relied on knowing that Kelley was interested in some extra shelves that I had in my basement. If Bill wanted to join us for lunch at Fuddrucker's, he and I could proceed to Frys while Gretchen and Katie went grocery shopping so we would have something to feed decadentdave and Erin, who were arriving Saturday evening to pick up the computer with the speech software.

Bill thought this was a good idea. (Kelley was busy, so didn't join us). So we met, had lunch, and the two guys headed off to Frys. There, we bought a great many wondrous things, including Christmas presents for Gretchen and Katie, before I headed back to the back of the store to buy my big-screen TV.

It being Saturday, I actually had to wait to get someone's attention. When I did, I explained that I wanted to buy a TV, naming the manufacturer, screen size, and model. The salesman went back, grabbed the tag to get the product number and checked it in the computer. There were two in stock. Great!

And then he headed off to the storeroom to look for the TV. About fifteen minutes later, he came back to let me know they were having trouble finding it.

By forty-five minutes later, he'd vanished. I was sitting around in a vacant spot on the display, because I was tired of standing. Bill had gone off to look for other things. Another salesman asked if he could help me and I explained that I'd been waiting for a very long time for someone to find my TV.

"Who was helping you?" he asked.

I pointed to another salesman. "The one who looks like him, but isn't."

They conferred and realized that must be the department manager. Eventually, they found him.

They'd found one set in the back in a box that appeared to have been opened. When he opened it to look at it, he found a big scratch on the screen, which meant that the set needed to go back to the manufacturer. The whereabouts of the hypothetical second set were a mystery.

"Would you like a raincheck?" he asked.

"That would be a good idea."

So now I have a raincheck for my equally hypothetical new TV. Frys doesn't do callbacks, so I need to call to see when they get some more in. Supposedly, that should happen soon.

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