Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Back to Work Again

I'm a bit light on vacation (partly because of my plans to head off to the British filkcon in late January) so it's back to work today. This makes me pretty much unique in my department, although Doug, our manager, has been doing some work from home. Unfortunately, he managed to break something in the process, but I neutered the code so it'll compile, sent him a note, and checked it back in so we can build.

It's a glorious sunny and relatively warm day here (high above 40 degrees F), so I decided to walk to lunch today. I had to do without my Tribune at lunch, because the fellows who deliver the Tribune to the stores hereabouts managed to send them all without the Tempo section, as confirmed at the convenience store in the building and the Walgreens on the way to lunch. Sam Zell take note: you can't sell what you don't have. This was equally true yesterday, as I had to visit five different (open) stores on Christmas to find a newspaper. It's like they -- the Chicago Tribune -- don't want to sell you a paper...

Meanwhile, I'm trying to shoehorn a new function into our web services provider to support the work I'm doing. The fellow who would normally do this is also out this week and the code is pretty much completely undocumented, so I'm copying a similar function, pasting, and tweaking his code to get a function that does what I need. This will no doubt produce entertainment on his return, but I refuse to sit here and twiddle my thumbs until the New Year.

But I'm making progress -- which makes this a good day. :)
Tags: musings, work

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