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Hand Me the Jigsaw

For some reason, every time that I get a new piece of stereo furniture, I end up using a jigsaw. daisy_knotwise suggests this is because I have some old, but serviceable components that are larger than the current standard. She also suggests that this is not a good reason to buy replacement components, usually as she's handing me the jigsaw.

But I get ahead of myself.

Yesterday, the folks at Classic Oak Designs called to let us know that the new TV stand that we'd ordered had arrived. Since they close at 5 PM on the weekend, we decided to wait until today to run out there and pick it up. This also made a good excuse to swing by Lone Star Steak House and have some of their fine burgers off the lunch menu. Katie insisted on being introduced to the buffalo head hanging on the wall, which was easily the largest stuffed animal that she'd ever had the chance to pet.

We also tried out the new MP3 player and car adapter on the way there. It worked pretty well once I turned the volume way up. I need to load more albums though -- I've got 515 songs on it and it's about 10% full. Gretchen has suggested several albums that I've thus far managed to omit.

Gretchen couldn't find the receipt for the console, so I headed in and gave them our name. Then they couldn't find the receipt for the console. I pointed at the floor model which was enough for them to locate it in the back room and find the invoice. They popped it in the back of the minivan, I paid for it, and we headed home.

After Gretchen and I wrestled the beast in the door, she went to close up the minivan and left me to stare at the problem briefly. The problem is that neither one of us really wants to go upstairs backwards; she, because of the tendonitis; me, because I'm still lacking confidence in my knee. It seems to work fine, but the hesitation messes me up.

The solution was to carry it upstairs by myself. It was wrapped in cardboard packing with no decent handholds, but it would be hard to damage it or the floor unless I dropped it, so I figured it was worth a try. I boosted it to the first landing and flipped it up on end, then followed it up. Bear hug and lift a couple of stairs, follow it up, bear hug and lift. Repeat a few times and the beastie was up the stairs, much to Gretchen's amazement.

We stripped it out of the cardboard to discover that there were no casters. This surprised us, as the stenciled lettering on the back said "remove casters before use". No one does, of course, but if the unit falls over, then you can't blame the manufacturer. There were nylon glides though and they'll be fine on our hardwood floors.

If only the manufacturer had included the pegs for the internal shelves. We bought this unit, because it has a glass-enclosed half of the base which will hold three components and an open shelf above an enclosed cabinet that will hold a DVD/VCR combo unit. Perfect!

But not if you can't actually install the shelves. So I hop back in my car and head back to the store, where they snag the appropriate bags of pegs from the display unit and send me off with an apology. I suppose no project is complete without two trips to the store.

At home, Gretchen has popped Katie down for a nap so we can try to finish the project with minimum interference. The laserdisc player goes on the bottom shelf. Stop laughing! I have five linear feet of movies on laserdisc, some of which will never come out on DVD.

The only problem is that the laserdisc player won't fit on the bottom shelf, because the door won't close. Ok, will it fit on the open shelf? Yes, it will. It sticks out a fraction of an inch, but that's ok.

We'll put the receiver on the bottom shelf then. Oh. It doesn't fit either. I go and measure the receiver in the office. It's the same depth, so swapping them isn't going to help. It also would have killed the surround sound in the bedroom, since that's failed on the office receiver, but since it still works fine in stereo, it'll be no problem there.

"Hmm," I say, visions of a trip to Frys in my head as I mull over a new receiver.

"You can always cut the back out like you did with the stereo cabinet downstairs," Gretchen suggests helpfully.

Well, that does make more sense. Off to the basement I go, returning with the jigsaw, and dropping off a box to pack ornaments in down by the Christmas tree which still has to come down tonight.

I settle down behind the unit, put the jigsaw in the hole, and start blindly removing wood, asking Gretchen to tell me when to stop. I only nicked the back of the cabinet in a few places, but got stopped cold by running into one of the metal pegs that Gretchen had missed removing. No damage though, which was fine by both of us. A bit of work with the pliers to remove the wood stapled in around the edges and the glassed-in side of the cabinet now had an open back.

After we vacuumed up, Gretchen went to take care of Katie who'd been rather thoroughly awakened by one or the other iterations of the jigsawing, while I settled in behind the unit to wire everything back together. I think I've got it all correct.

The old stereo cabinet has been rolled away, the sewing machine desk is back in the office, and the bedroom is a bit of a mess. I need to check with Jerry to see if he can use the stereo cabinet now that I know it will hold a component that's 14.5 inches deep -- he's had trouble finding something that will hold his old CD turntable changer.

But the TV sure does look nice on the new stand. :)
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