Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Into the Day

So, daisy_knotwise is on her way to GAFilk with Katie, which means it's just me and fuzzbucket_cat. And Fuzz is really put out that I pulled out the guitar tonight.

But I wrote a new song, so that makes it ok. (Well, maybe not from his point of view.)

Lyrics and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2008

Into the Day

If you’re hearing me call
Just remember I’m thinking ‘bout you.
If you think you might fall
Just remember I’ll never doubt you.
And always remember why I’m feeling this way.
We’re out of the night and into the day.
Into the day.

If you should wander from the places where we live,
If you should leave me, would you think I can’t forgive?
Do you think there’s a reason that I would want to let you go?
In any season, there’s just one thing that you should know.

Is there a reason you need to run away and hide?
Is it the feelings that I see burning there inside?
You don’t understand them, so you go running for the door.
Nobody planned them, but we have been through this before.

Old souls bound together, tumbling through time.
Old souls on a tether, tugging on the line.

I have been hunting, searching all my life for you.
To find what I’m wanting, there is nothing I won’t do.
Lost in the nighttime, you know that you’ve been searching too,
But now it’s the right time, ‘cause you know every word is true.

(Final chorus)
We’re out of the night and into the day.
We’re out of the night and into the day.
Into the day.
Tags: filk, lyrics, musings

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