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Back From GAFilk

The old joke would be "I just flew in from GAFilk, and boy, are my arms tired!" In this case, just about every part of my body's tired, because I had to get up at 4:30 AM to get to the airport in plenty of time for my 6:56 AM flight back to Chicago. Factor in the detail that Katie didn't exactly go to sleep early or easily last night, and you'll see that sleep was a bit lacking -- sadly, for daisy_knotwise as well, since Katie woke up about 6 AM herself and stayed awake, making the subsequent 8 AM wake up call a non-event.

I had a really good time. I'd like to think I would have had a better time if I had my voice working properly instead of really hoarse from my pre-GAFilk cold, but if I hadn't been periodically motivated to get up and out of the filk, I would have missed a lot of nice conversations that I had. These included a session proselytizing for Taylor guitars with andpuff and filkerdave in the con suite, chats with huskiebear and ladyat out in the hall, seeing the lyrics for an amusing parody of "Dark" that Stewart wrote, guitar geeking with mysticfig and weirdsister, and so on.

The banquet was fun, but Katie was a bit too fractious for Gretchen and I to manage to stay all the way through. The music may have been a bit louder than she was ready for. The only real flaw with the banquet (which I pointed out to bedlamhouse for reference) was that the tables were set for 10 people each, which really only works as long as there aren't too many folks at the table who are larger than fannish "medium" (read as XL). You couldn't really easily fit 10 plates and the associated silverware in the outer rim of the table -- and then you got to the shoulders. :)

I understand the band was recorded this year, which is cool. I'm looking forward to hearing the result eventually, although I understand they may have to record for more than one year to get enough material to put together a CD. (Been there, done that.)

And despite being in weak voice, I actually did end up singing seven different songs, which is pretty good all things considered for a con that draws as many talented filkers as GAFilk does. Gretchen and I even got to do "Apology" at the Dead Dog, courtesy of Brenda babysitting Katie.

I know that some of the folks there also picked up copies of Wing Words, the new Pegasus Awards newsletter that Gretchen is putting together. Eventually, there should be PDFs on the website, but Gretchen's getting them out there and has been promised that they'll be on the freebie table at Conflikt. Yay! (And thanks!)

So now I'm home and getting ready to crawl into bed shortly. Gretchen and Katie are down in Bowling Green on their way home. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Meanwhile, courtesy of ohiblather, I've got some nice shots of Katie and family from GAFilk here.

Katie and Dad

Katie and Dad again

The Roper family
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