Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Brief Political Observation

There are plenty of politicians that I consider idiots. I'm sure that there are plenty that you consider idiots too.

I get a bit distressed though when I see Party X characterized as being evil adjectives A, B, and C -- and I get distressed at seeing Party Y characterized as being evil adjectives P, Q, and R. There've been some pretty evil parties in the history of world politics (the National Socialists come to mind) and I'm sure we could find some pretty authentically -- although probably small! -- evil parties in U.S. politics.

Our two big parties in the U.S. each seem to pull roughly half of the votes nationally. Now if either of those parties were e-e-vil, then that would suggest that half of the folks in the country were evil bastards. And I don't believe that.

I think that the vast majority of people in this country are fundamentally good people -- possibly flawed in one way or another, but fundamentally good. But each of us has different priorities based on our history and position in society, so it's not surprising that we're going to see different solutions as being more or less desirable.

And I don't think that either party is right all of the time. To pick a couple of examples, I think that the Democrats are right that there should be an estate tax (although I might disagree on the percentage and where it should kick in) and I think that the Republicans are right about requiring a secret ballot to bring a union into a corporation (but would be happy to look at suggestions for ways to prevent the corporations from using unethical methods to keep a union out).

But primary season is particularly annoying, because that's when most of the moderates tend to stay home. Candidates tack to the left or right to try to get their party's nomination, then run frantically back to the center to try to collect the mass of voters in the middle who are going to decide the election.

With the length of this presidential campaign cycle, we're now in something like our fourteenth month of pandering to the fringes of each party with no near end in sight. And it gets tiresome after a while.
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