Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Philosophy and the DC Universe

According to this interview with Jim Starlin, his upcoming miniseries set on the distant planet Rann will include:

NRAMA: There’s a lot of players floating around in this, so many that even I couldn’t keep track. Who are the main players involved in this story?

JS: Adam Strange, Comet, Hawkman, Bizarro, Animal Man, Starfire, Tigor, Chief Justice Max, Tyrone, Starman (Prince Gayvn), Lady Styx, Deacon Dark and two surprise characters. But the big news is that we will be bringing back and revamping a character from the golden age of Greek philosophy. No, don't ask who. You have to read the series to find out what philosophical oldie we're reviving.

Ooo-kay... :)
Tags: comics, musings

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