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Bill Roper's Journal
All That Steinberg Jazz 
6th-Mar-2008 04:54 pm
I'm still feeling a bit punk today with the whole digestive thing, but I'm going to stumble off to Gand tonight where the Steinberg folks are doing a road show. Exactly what it is that they're showing remains a mystery to me. Let me check the website.

Ah, ok. They're showing off a looping tool that they've got called Sequel, then they'll do the Cubase presentation. Should be interesting, might learn something. :)
6th-Mar-2008 11:49 pm (UTC) - CuBase Presentation
Oh I wish I could attend that with you Bill :-\ Recording is going well here and Dave should be here near the end of the month to do some tracks. Let me know if you get ant neat information on CuBase.
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