Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Cables, Cables, Everywhere

I'm trying to clean out a couple of small cabinets in the basement that are just taking up space so that we can send one of them out with the donations on Wednesday and repurpose the other for something actually useful. It turns out they were full of cables.

Cables of all shapes and kinds. RCA to XLR, 1/4 inch to XLR unbalanced, mini plug to RCA, and other interesting adapters; headphone extension cords of dubious quality; a misplaced microphone cable; a bunch of XLR to XLR patch cables that are a complete mystery as to why I've got them; several MIDI cables that would have been handy about three months ago when I ended up going out and buying more MIDI cables; a four channel RCA to 1/4 inch cable snake; power cords; and a whole bunch of computer cables of one kind or another.

And RCA cables. Billions and billions of RCA cables.

I think I will not need to buy another RCA cable for the rest of my life.

If only I can find these when I need them.
Tags: home, musings

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